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NYP: High school official apologizes for calling Hitler a ‘good leader’

The head of a New Jersey school district has apologized after a guest speaker dubbed Adolf Hitler a “good leader” and displayed the Nazi dictator’s photo alongside civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr.

Foto: NYP

Joe Piro, athletic director of Nutley High School, made the controversial remarks Saturday during a presentation for athletes at Madison High School, according to local reports.

“During his commentary, the speaker contrasted Dr. King and Hitler, referring to the latter as a ‘good leader’ with ‘bad moral character and intentions,’” Madison Superintendent Mark Schwarz wrote in a letter sent to parents Sunday, NorthJersey.com reported.

“Accordingly, it is the position of the Madison High School District that the inclusion of Adolf Hitler had no place in the context of an assembly intended to promote unity and character,” Schwarz wrote in the letter.

Schwarz got wind of Piro’s comments from attendees at the presentation and parents who “voiced serious concerns.”

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