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New York

New York Post: From Bonanno to Colombo: Inside the mob’s bloodiest ‘hits’

Before Cali, Paul Castellano was the most recent mob boss to be assassinated — in an infamous 1985 hit that solidified John Gotti’s grip on the Gambino crime family. Castellano, then the clan’s boss, and his underboss Thomas Bilotti were gunned down moments after pulling up to Sparks Steak House on East 46th St. in Manhattan.

Foto: New York Post

In New York Post1979, Bonanno crime family boss Carmine Galante was executed in a hail of bullets as he chowed down on an Italian lunch in the backyard of Joe and Mary’s Restaurant in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The aftermath made for one of the most iconic photographs from the gangland era — showing Galante lying in a pool of his own blood, his left eye blown out and his still-smoking cigar in his mouth.

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