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New York

New York Post: Every beat cop in NYPD now has a body camera

Every beat cop in the city has now been issued a body camera, the NYPD announced Wednesday.

All police officers, sergeants and lieutenants — some 20,000 officers — are now equipped. It marks the largest body-worn camera roll-out in the nation, officials said.

“The NYPD has worked incredibly hard to build trust and strengthen relationships in the communities we serve, as we continue to improve accountability and transparency in everything we do,” said Police Commissioner James O’Neill.

“Body-worn cameras enhance the safety and accountability of the dedicated men and women of the NYPD while improving their ability to ensure public safety. This completed roll-out marks a significant milestone for the NYPD.”

The department has also begun outfitting an additional 4,000 officers in its specialized Emergency Services Unit, Strategic Response Group and Critical Response Command — an effort they expect to complete by August.

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