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New York

Cnycentral.com study: New York ranks in top 3 most moved-out-of states for 7th year in a row

New York continues to be one of the leading states in the country where people are moving out of.

According to United Van Lines, a St. Louis, Missouri-based moving company, New York ranked as the third most moved-out-of state in 2017, ahead of only Illinois and New Jersey. Despite the ranking, it is actually a continued improvement from previous recent years. New York ranked second in 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012, but remains in the top three states people are fleeing for the seventh year in a row.

During 2017, 61 percent of moves to and from the state were outbound, according to data gathered in the company's 41st Annual Movers Study. There are various reasons why people left.

46 percent of people left for job-related reasons

18 percent of people left for lifestyle reasons

19 percent of people left for family reasons

5 percent of people left for health reasons

29 percent of people left for retirement reasons

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